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Times for learning paths inaccurate

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Times for learning paths inaccurate

I know that the "Learn Fusion 360 in 90 Minutes" has about 2 hours worth of video instruction and I just totaled the "Design for Manufacturing Professional Certification Prep" at about 3.5 hours of video instruction. This does not include any time for the Practice or Challenge exercises. It would be helpful if these times were more accurate and even more so if the modules themselves had the amount of video time detailed to assist educators with incorporation into their classes. 

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in reply to: jhenley37

Hi @jhenley37 

I forwarded your question to our Learning and Content team.




Dan Banach
Sr. Technical Manager & Community Manager

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Hi @jhenley37 , thank you for the feedback on the course lengths and I apologize for the confusion. The course length only refers to the video instruction today and does not include practice or challenge exercises.

We will take in your feedback about being more explicit about the length of the instruction in the modules so that its easier to plan your classes. Thank you again for sharing your feedback. 

Gayatri Seetharaman
Product Manager, Curriculum and Certifications
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Yes, but they don't accurately represent the amount of video content.

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