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Thread wont make a full screw and won't align properly on my two bodys..

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Thread wont make a full screw and won't align properly on my two bodys..

I have two half cylinders that are assamble in a way to form a cylinder.

For some reason im having trouble making a thread with is align from the top and bottom part.


I have tried switching the thread size, doing one body at a time or aligning the peices but this always happen with that side of the peice meanwhile the the other side of the peice has no problem generating the inner thread..




The only option that is left seams to be : making a custom thread.. Im trying to avoid doing that sinces im still an amateur with those kind of things..

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in reply to: inlinkcraft

Hi @inlinkcraft I'm not sure you will be able to do what you want to do using your method. There is no mechanism to control the angle of the thread on the cylinder. 

Would you consider designing this piece as one piece and then splitting it into two after the thread has been created? I've attached a simple part showing a thread on a cylinder and then splitting the body into two halves. 


Would that be a workflow that would be acceptable to you? 





Kevin Ellingson
Technical Specialist

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