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Text typing two letters backward

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Text typing two letters backward

Using Fusion 360 for the first time so apologies if this sounds dumb.

I opened the text tool in sketch, it displays Q_k njc Rcvr by default. If I type hello in the text box, it shows as fcjjm in the sketch. What is going on?? Check attached images.

The displayed alphabet are two letters shifted, is this possibly an issue with the version I have? I have an education license, if that makes any difference.






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Hi @hadiya.ibrahim394 

Looks like the Arial font is not installed or not accessible by Fusion 360. A few things to try.

  • Try selecting a different fonts in the Text dialog box.
  • Ensure Arial font is an available on your computer.
  • Ensure all updates on the computer and Fusion 360 are installed.
  • Could also check the default language on your computer.

Hope this helps.


Dan Banach
Sr. Technical Manager & Community Manager

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Changing the font worked! Thanks 🙂

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