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Student Compatibility issues between HP Zbooks and Chromebooks - major student frustration

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Student Compatibility issues between HP Zbooks and Chromebooks - major student frustration

Several of my students have worked on parts for their project at home using the cloud base Chromebook Fusion.  When they come into school, they can not open their parts on the HP Zbook - we get told to update Fusion.  From my end Fusion looks updated on the Zbooks, so I am not sure what to do.  Any suggestions as to how I can resolve this issue?

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Fusion on the browser always uses the latest Fusion 360 major update, which means that if the users tries to open in a machine with an earlier version, it won't work. 

There's a high chance that the school is using the Labs Installer, which does not have live updates, and won't notify of an update. 

If you check on the version number in Fusion on browser today, it's 2.0.15050 

You can check the one on your computers by clicking here: Help>About and see the version currently installed. I'm sure it will be lower number. 


If your lab computers are out of date, you need to ask the IT admin to update Fusion 360. As part of the Lab Installer, we have provided a task scheduler that allows an IT admin to keep Fusion 360 up to date without a lot of trouble. 


Hope this helps. 

Guillermo Melantoni
Senior Product Line Manager
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Hi @mbigelow548VF 

You can also receive email notifications about Fusion's update, click here to complete a form.

As Guillermo stated, if your school has Windows computers you can create a script to look for updates automatically. Learn more about the benefits of Auto-Downloads for Windows users and the set-up instructions here - see section 6 (page 14).


Hope this helps.



Dan Banach
Sr. Technical Manager & Community Manager

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THank you! I will forward to the IT department.

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