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Student can't open project files

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Student can't open project files

Our school has an educational license of Fusion and a lab based install. The computers in the lab are running Windows 11. All the computers are on the same version of Fusion (v2.0.16976). This is the only version that has been installed on these computers. The computers are new and were swapped into the lab a few weeks ago. The old computers had the same autodesk installer pushed out to them via our MDM. 


One of our students is experiencing an issue on the new lab computers where he gets an error message when trying to open any project file that he made earlier in the school year. The error message states that Fusion needs to be updated in order to open the project files. 


I confirmed these details with the affected student and his teacher:

1. The student has tried opening multiple different projects on 3 different computers in the lab and still gets the error

2. The student has only used the version of Fusion installed on the lab computers to make all his project files. He hasn't worked on these project files or created new ones outside of class.

3. None of the other students in the class are having this issue with their project files

4. The student is able to create a new project, save it, quit Fusion, and reopen the new project without seeing the error message

5. The student's assigned Fusion license is the same as the other students in his class. There's no differences between his Autodesk account and the other student accounts

What I tried:

1. Had the student sign out of Fusion and sign back in

2. Had the student try signing in and opening an old project file on one of the other lab computers

3. Unassigned and reassigned the Fusion license to the affected student's Autodesk account

4. Cleared the Fusion cache. Had student sign out of Fusion and back in

5. Tried to run Fusion service utility to repair installation. Failed due to urlpath error

6. Tried to uninstall Fusion from add or remove programs in Windows. No install of Fusion was listed.

7. Tried to uninstall Fusion using the same service utility. Uninstall failed due to local path error

I need some advice on other troubleshooting steps to try. The class size is small this year, but will be growing for next year. I want to solve the issue for this student and make sure we don't start seeing it with any others. I'm guessing it's something related to our deployment of the installer, but I'm not sure where to go from here.

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in reply to: longo2QQHG

Hi @longo2QQHG 

The issue sounds like it is related to being on an older version of Fusion. The current version of Fusion is 2.0.18460.


Please ask you IT Admin to look at the instructions on this post January 29, 2024 – Autodesk Fusion Update is Now Available 


You can also ask your students to try to run Fusion from a browser (Chrome is preferred) by going to https://fusion.online.autodesk.com  and sign in with your Autodesk Education ID (same email that you log into Fusion desktop version). Let see if they have success here. If so, then this points to a possible issue with the old version.


Keep us posted.


Dan Banach
Sr. Technical Manager & Community Manager

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in reply to: dan.banach

Thanks Dan. I'm the IT admin for the lab so I can try to push out the update. What confuses me is that all the lab computers are on the same version of Fusion and none of the other students are having this issue. If the issue is the version of Fusion, wouldn't every other student in the lab also be seeing this error with their projects?

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@longo2QQHG For the question would all the other students not be seeing the version "depending on if design the student was working on was saved in a newer version or not". 

For example, we have heard of students that work in a lab environment that has say version X and then on their home computer they install Fusion and that gets updated to version Y which is a newer version. Now they cannot open what was saved in Y in the lab machine. So it "could" be one such scenario of this student design. 

Unless there is only ONE file and everyone else but this student is able to open the file. In that case there certainly are other factors contributing. 

Rajkumar Ilanchelian
Autodesk Fusion

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@RajkumarIlanchelian The student told me they didn't work on these projects on any other devices, at home, or in another class. It's possible they gave me incorrect info or didn't understand what I was asking. The students all have their own individual project files.

I'm going to have the student to share one of the affected projects with myself and another student to see if other accounts can open it. 

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@longo2QQHG The command line document.softwareversion will tell which was the last saved version of the document. Ofcourse if the student cannot open it then they cannot run this command. Happy to look into this if you can share the design with us as well. 

In general, moving to the latest 2.0.18460 should solve all issues. 

Rajkumar Ilanchelian
Autodesk Fusion

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in reply to: longo2QQHG


Hello!  Do you still need help with this issue?

Chris Benner
Industry Community Manager – Design & Manufacturing

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Looks like I was given incorrect info. Finally got a hold of one of the affected project files, opened it in version 2.0.18460, and ran that Document.SoftwareVersion command. The project was last saved in 2.0.17954 so the student must have worked on it outside of class on a personal computer. Thanks for the tips!

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