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Are you an educator who uses Fusion (formerly Fusion 360) in their courses in secondary and post-secondary? This is the official Autodesk forum for educators like yourself to share the success you are having with Fusion in the classroom.
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Seeking Fusion 360 Educators as Webinar Speakers

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Seeking Fusion 360 Educators as Webinar Speakers

Hello Fusion 360 educators! I’m Jennie Fennelle, content development manager for K-12 at Autodesk. Our partners at Certiport are designing some webinars for CTE/Engineering educators in K-12 and higher ed who are interested in helping their students explore Fusion 360 and the ACU certification. Certiport is seeking a few educators to help lead a teacher-focused webinar on April 19, and possibly a few students (over age 18) already certified in Fusion 360 to help lead a webinar on April 26. Webinars might include presentations, panel discussions, and a Q & A.  I’ll outline both opportunities below:


Tuesday, April 19, 1pm PT/4:00pm ET: Fusion 360 Teachers’ Panel

This webinar is for teachers who are passionate about using Fusion 360 with students for career exploration and preparation. It will cover:

  • Why teach Autodesk Fusion 360
  • Tips for using Fusion 360 in the classroom to provide the best experience for students
  • Success stories from teachers whose students have taken the Fusion 360 certification in the classroom

Tuesday, April 26, 1:00pm PT/4:00pm EST – Fusion 360 Past Students’ Panel

This webinar is for teachers whose students are interested in the Autodesk Fusion 360 ACU certification. It will cover:

  • How students are using Fusion 360
  • Tips for teachers from past students’ perspectives
  • Success gained through certification

If you’re interested in being a speaker or if you have Fusion 360-certified students who might be interested, please reply here or contact me at jennie.fennelle@autodesk.com. Thank you!


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