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Problem saving changes in project files in Cloud-based Fusion 360

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Problem saving changes in project files in Cloud-based Fusion 360

Hopefully, someone can help me with this problem or guide me in the right direction. My work is not being saved properly in Fusion 360. I've been constantly updating and saving my work. However; when I reopen my files a couple of days later, I only see the earlier versions of them. For example, the last file I updated and saved was  called 'Phone Case v9 v10'. When I repeoned it, I only saw file 'Phone Case v9 v1'. I saved this file at least 10 times while I was working on it. Now, all the updates that were made on the file are gone. This happens to other files that I've worked on too. Can someone explain why this keep happening?  It's frustrating when you have to keep repeating the changes  you made on projects eventhough they were supposedly saved.
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Hi @ebarrett4908 

Sorry you're having this issue. Interestingly, in the system, it shows you last logged into Fusion on Sep. 30th. Can you confirm:

  1. Fusion is online? On the top-right corner of the screen, click on the Job Status icon.
  2. The current version of Fusion? On the top-right corner of the screen, click on the ? > About. In the dialog it will list the current version number. The current version is "2.0.17710"
  3. Try running the online version of Fusion and see if you can save the files in this version. Run Fusion 360 from a browser (Chrome is preferred) by going to https://fusion.online.autodesk.com and sign in with your Autodesk Education ID (same email that you log into Fusion 360 with).
  4. Ensure that all of the Windows updates are installed and graphics drivers are updated. Restart the computer.

Please keep us posted.


Dan Banach
Sr. Technical Manager & Community Manager

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