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Pattern along sculpted body's surface

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Pattern along sculpted body's surface

Pattern along sculpted body's surface

I'm trying to recreate the texture/grooves from this helmet, but I can only project one feature onto the surface of the body. I've tried making an independent body and using the pattern along path tool without any good results. Is there another approach?

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Hi. I had a little play with this. I do think you are going to need to make that rib as a body. Then pattern it and the cut off the excess of the patterned bodies, if that is the route you want to go. I didn't try this yet to make sure it works. 


Your Path sketch doesn't match the helmet shape. If you created a plane at the angle and position where you want, you can then create a sketch on that plane. While in the sketch, use the slice command in the sketch palette. Then from the create menu choose the Project -> Intersect and set your entity type to body. Then you will get a projection of your helmet shape as your path. 


Give that a shot and see if it gets you a little farther. If you need more detail let me know and I'll make you a screencast of the projection process. 

Kevin Ellingson
Technical Specialist

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in reply to: kellings

Hey! Thank you so much for the tips. I would definitely appreciate a screencast of your process.

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Hi Sacbe, I replied to this earlier but it must have gotten lost.  So there are a few ways to do what you want, but I am a little unclear exactly which feature you were trying to make.  Some of those details on the helmet might be better served as appearances rather than modeled.  Either way you can certainly create planes and sweep solid features along intersections curves.  I think its challenging because the pattern likely won't produce the result you want.  You can split faces and create offsets/thickens as well.


For the attached file what I did was create a Split Face using a sketch from the side.  I used this split face to create a Surface Offset Face.  This face then got Thickened to remove material from the solid.  Then I offset the new faces, stitched them to the original offset to create a solid body that represents what was just removed. (note if you model the negative space it would save a few steps).


Once you have a solid body that represents the volume you want your pattern to occupy you can create solid bodies and use Intersect either during a solid feature like Extrude or with Combine or Boundary Fill.  Because the helmet is based about the origin i sketched the "pattern" from the top and simply extruded it upwards using the Intersect option.Helmet.jpg

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Hey @MattPerez314


Thank you so much for your insight. The image you posted is pretty much what I want to do. Would you be able to upload the file you worked on to get there? The one you uploaded doesn't have the changes. It would help me better understand your process.

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Great!  It was attached to that last post.  The .f3d file.  You should be able to just upload that into your project.  


You can also download it here.



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Thanks! @MattPerez314

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