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part back machining

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part back machining

Hello all, I have a question. I am doing for the first time machining in fusion 360.  I have a doubt abou the machining of the back surface of the part. After I have set the setup for machining from the upper part I need to turn the piece and machine it from bottom side.

Do I need to open a separate "project" and make a new setup? Or can I do it in the same window, just rotate the body in "Design" window, than switch to "manufacture" and do new setup?


thank you very much for your repl2022-02-13 20_53_58-.png2022-02-13 20_54_19-.pngies

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in reply to: dusan.olejnik

Hi Dusan,

You can create as many setups as needed in one file. To reuse the stock and existing toolpaths in a new setup, you can duplicate the setup by right-clicking on the setup and click Duplicate. Then edit the duplicated setup and edit or delete the copied toolpaths.

Hope this helps.



Dan Banach
Sr. Technical Manager & Community Manager

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in reply to: dusan.olejnik

Hi @dusan.olejnik On a part like yours, typically I will machine past the bottom of the part in the first setup. Then I'll flip the part over and set the Z off the bottom face for the second setup by touching off on the parallels before inserting the part. I define the stock as the same size as the first setup, but set the Z offset to offset from bottom -z with a 0 offset. I will then machine the "hat" off, and then retouch off X and Y on the machined faces from Setup1. Then continue to machine any features remaining on the backside. 

Kevin Ellingson
Technical Specialist

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Dusan, I think Kevin and Dan have answered but just to clarify,  You can have as many Setups as you need in a design.  After you created your operations from the top you simply go to the Setup drop down and create a New Setup.  This new setup will contain a new coordinate system, stock definition etc.  Then you can program your new toolpaths.  No need to flip the part over or create a new design, just make sure the coordinate system (WCS) orientation is correct.


As Kevin mentioned I would likely machine the bottom face first unless there is a good reason not to.  With your part I might machine the bottom face and outside profile so I have a clean Z and XY references for the flip.  The preview you have shows only part of the outside machined in your first setup which will be problematic when the part is flipped over.  If your coordinate system on your machine isn't set perfectly then you will have a ridge where your outside contour shape is different top to bottom.

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