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Identifying which individual created a model in Fusion

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Identifying which individual created a model in Fusion

I had 2 students turn in the identical Public Link for an individual assignment a few days ago. Letter for letter, number for number - identical. I can't make this be anything other than blatantly trying to pass of one person's work as another's, but I'd like confirmation before I proceed. How can I identify which account generated the public link? It was emailed to me from individual email accounts.


Any help in this situation would be greatly appreciated. I'm also curious about how y'all have students and/or employees submit work to you other than Sharing a Public Link?




Jason Rye

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Hi @jasonmrye 

Can you ask your students to also submit a screen capture of the files History (this will show who saved the version and when)? Also ask them to type in a description for every save/version.


Another option is to  invite your students into a project on your Fusion Team. Then you'll be able to see the versions / dates that the students saved their work in Fusion, Fusion Team, and on the mobile app. You'll also be able to add comments to their designs. Is this a possibility? Here is a link to an article that explains Folder-Level Projects


What is everyone else doing?


Dan Banach
Sr. Technical Manager & Community Manager

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Thanks for the question!

To answer it, let me say - sort of. The Fusion Teams seems to hold the best chance of working out like I want it to (as long as it doesn't let them more easily "share" their work to others and then turn it in as their own). 

I still need to better understand how to guide my students into joining my Team (or however that works), but I'm leaning heavily in that direction.


Thank you,


Jason Rye

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