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How do i make a 3d shape from its base Faces

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How do i make a 3d shape from its base Faces

I am trying to make a 20 sided dice and trying to learn the software in general. Is there a way to take all of the different faces that make up an object and "fold" them together to form the final 3d shape? Looking at a d20 it is 20 identical equilateral triangles aligned edge to edge in a 3d pattern: i had planned to make my 20 triangles and attach them edge to edge "folding" it into the final shape. I can sort of do this with the surface workspace where i can line up all of my triangles and then use the rotate transformation to get them almost in shape, but i cant get the edges to actually line up.

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Hi @lwhittakerpro 

Here is a YouTube video that goes through the creation of 20 sided dice.


Does this help?


Dan Banach
Sr. Technical Manager & Community Manager

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