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Have you seen Instructables and their AWESOME Contests?

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Have you seen Instructables and their AWESOME Contests?

Hi All!


I wanted to see how many people here knew about Instructables
It is an amazing site with thousands of different projects that you can do at home or with your class (check it out if you don't know about it!) 


Instructables host frequent contests that you (and your students) can take part in so I thought I would share some of the ones they have on at the moment! 

They offer some really great prizes and are a lot of fun!


Their biggest contest at the moment is in collaboration with NFL football star James Develin.
Whilst this contest is only open to US students, the prizes total $50,000 worth of scholarships so it is well worth taking part! Check out the contest here: 

Make it Modular Student Design Challenge - Closes 20th June


They also have 6 other contests open that are available to everyone! Here they are:

First Time Author Challenge - Closes 28th March

Make It Glow Challenge - Closes 28th March

Ropes and Cordage Challenge - Closes 28th March

Pie Challenge - Closes 28th March

Toys and Games Contest - Closes 25th April

Home Improvement Contest - Closes April 25th


If you’re not sure what Instructables is, or how to start writing one, you can start here to learn more.


Do you use Instructables? We would love to see some of their projects you have used in your classes, or that you have posted yourself! If you have taken part in any of their contests, we would love to know below!


Oliver Briggs
Community Manager - Education
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