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Going from 30 trial to educational license

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Going from 30 trial to educational license

My students have set up Fusion 360 student accounts, submitted their student credentials and received verification for educational license. However when they sign into Fusion 360, the top bar indicates the students are using a 30-day trial. I believe I have missed a step with the students. What do I need to instruct my student to do now in order to receive the educational license and move out of the 30-day trial?

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Hi @joel.bresler 

After going through the eligibility process, your student will need to request license(s) for the desired software. Please ask your students to do the following.

To acquire a Fusion 360 Education license, do the following.

  1. Log into the Autodesk Education site and if needed verify your eligibility.
  2. On the Individual tab, on the Fusion 360 product card click "Get product".



  1. Then click "ACCESS".


  1. Launch Fusion 360 (if you're running Fusion from a browser, you can cancel the install).
  2. If the Education license does not appear on the top of the screen as shown in the following image, sign out and back into Fusion 360.



Please keep us posted.




Dan Banach
Sr. Technical Manager & Community Manager

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Thanks Dan I will try with my students tomorrow.

Joel Bresler

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