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Fusion 360 Multi-User Network License

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Fusion 360 Multi-User Network License

I'm new to administrating our district's Autodesk software licenses. At the moment we manage the licenses for all of the software we use via multi-user education network licenses hosted on a local server. From what I gather, there is currently no multi-user network license option available for Fusion 360 due to it's cloud integration and need for an Autodesk account. We currently don't provide our students with district email addresses for security reasons so are unable to manage / create individual Autodesk accounts for them. Some of our staff have mentioned to me that they were able to use Fusion 360 in their labs in the past, so I'm curious if the network licenses were available for it at one time. Can anyone confirm if this was the case? Thanks.

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in reply to: MattEGU

Hi @MattEGU 

Thanks for posting your question. Fusion 360 does not have a traditional network licensing model. Each person that runs Fusion 360 has their own account. This is because the files follow you (based on your login). A couple resources that may help.

Please let us know if this answers your questions.


Dan Banach
Sr. Technical Manager & Community Manager

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Hi Dan,


I really appreciate your response. I understand that Fusion does not support the network licensing model and I assume that is due to it's reliance on cloud resources. Unfortunately, we're currently unable to offer our students access to Fusion 360 due the email address requirement for establishing accounts. Our district does not provide students with managed email accounts for security purposes, and will not support staff or students in creating throw away addresses for the sole purpose of setting up an Autodesk account. If there was a way we could create and assign Autodesk accounts to students centrally without the email requirement or better yet federate Autodesk accounts against our Azure AD or Google domains, that would be ideal. When it comes to K-12 students, there are many privacy related restrictions we are required to adhere to and restrict how various resources are accessed. We've had many requests from staff for Fusion 360, so I'm hoping this is something Autodesk might be willing to help us resolve. Thanks.



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in reply to: MattEGU

Hi @MattEGU Dan is away on well deserved sabbatical. We have locked his laptop in a vault and duct taped his hands behind his back in case he sees an internet connected computer somewhere and tries to access the forum to answer questions. 


Fusion is an account based system and that account is currently based on an email address as the account identifier. I don't know of any method to access Fusion and I don't know of any future plans that would allow a license to be tied to something else like you listed in your post. I'll check with the team to see if they have any ideas, but to the best of my knowledge, and email address is required to access Fusion 360. 



Kevin Ellingson
Technical Specialist

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