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Files & Folders missing - Educational

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Files & Folders missing - Educational

Experiencing loss of Files and folders in Fusion 360.  I created a new project with folders and saved design files.  They are gone.  Numerous students are reporting the same thing.  Sometimes logging out and back into fusion helps, Most of the time not.  I am an educator using an educational license.  This only started in the last few days.  What is going on?  I don't have a "trash" file or at least not one I can find.

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Hey @johnsbf 

I moved your message to a new thread since i think this is a different issue. I do think it's related to this thread - can you test the marked solution here?




Karina Harper

Software QA Engineer, Fusion 360

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IT came in to check the settings.  If I used the "open on the web" link the files were there but they weren't synching with my Fusion program.  Found that with several students also.  hitting the synch button in the file manager didn't work.  It took several tries of logging off and back on to get the files to where I could access them

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