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Embossing over a Fillet corner

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Embossing over a Fillet corner

Hi all let me preface my post by saying that I am just a hobbiest and my knowledge of Fusion is limited but I've been trying for more than a few hours to emboss a pattern over a filleted corner and wondered if anyone here had any tips on how to accomplish this.  I am assuming I am just going about the problem the wrong way, please see the photos included, im trying to model this replacement piece to match the pattern on a corner piece for a table and just can't get anything I've tried to work.  Things I've tried include

* sketching the pattern and attempting to emboss - Fusion tells me the faces aren't adjacent/i can't select where the 2 fillets meet in the corner

* Using a Coil to cut the model, the curve isn't right for the pattern

*Projecting the sketch onto the model - just couldn't figure out how to make it work


Any help is appreciated, thanks!  

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Hi @rothwilson a workflow you might consider is to extrude your sketches as surfaces. Then use those surfaces to split the face of your part. Then you should be able to press pull those areas to to create an emboss appearance. 


I've attached a sample part that shows the method I talk about above. 


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