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Converting one body into different components

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Converting one body into different components

Hi, I created a bridge model on Fusion 360 however. It is all one body and I'm trying to simulate my bridge. Thus I need to convert my bridge and its strings into different components. However, how do I divide my one body into different components and connect them as components so that I can simulate it?

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Hi @eorhon 

Here are instructions on how to split a body. 

Then to convert a body into a component do the following.

  1. In the browser expand Bodies entry
  2. Right click on a body and click Create Components from Bodies.

Note that the features will not carry over to the component. If possible, we recommend creating a new component first and then model that part. Then continue creating new components as required.


Hope this helps.



Dan Banach
Sr. Technical Manager & Community Manager

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