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Completed Challenge exercises for learning pathways

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Completed Challenge exercises for learning pathways

Is there a set of Completed Challenge exercises for the learning pathways? It would be be helpful if the instructors had access to Completed Challenge exercises for to use for building grading rubrics and adding screenshot content to courses. Currently I am building a class with a section that uses CAM Strategies for Turning course. 

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in reply to: jhenley37

Hi @jhenley37 

Thanks for the posting your question. I'll ask the Learning Content team.

I'll keep you posted.


Dan Banach
Sr. Technical Manager & Community Manager

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in reply to: jhenley37

Hi @jhenley37,
Thank you for your feedback on challenge assignment solutions - rubrics/step instruction. We are continually working to improve our courses to make course adoption easier for educators. We designed challenge exercises without step by step instruction directing students back to the course instruction for support. Your feedback identified a new need and is much appreciated.
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in reply to: jessica_bendy

Yes, but I use them as graded assignments and it would be helpful to not have to complete each project myself to develop the rubric for the new classes that I am building. I was hoping that you had a completed project pack for instructors to assist with this. I'm not looking for a guided instruction, just the f3d file.

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