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Changing the color during animation

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Changing the color during animation

Is there a way to have the color of a component change during an animation? For example, if I had a lightbulb, and wanted the bulb to change from clear to yellow during the animation, how would I do that?

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in reply to: gperlman_steam

Hi @gperlman_steam 

I don't believe you can change the appearance of a component in the middle of an Animation. You could create a new component of the bulb and control the visibility of the components in the Animation. Please try the following.

  1. Make the Design Workspace active.
  2. Copy the bulb to the clipboard. Assuming the component is locally saved in the assembly.
    If it's an external component; in the browser, right-click on the component and click the Save Copy As tool and give the bulb a new name.
  3. In the browser, right-click on the top-level name of the assembly and click Paste New.
  4. If needed, add an assembly Joint.
  5. In the Animation workspace / Storyboard, set the time marker.
  6. Select a one of the bulbs and in the Transform panel click the Show/Hide tool. 

Does this help?



Dan Banach
Sr. Technical Manager & Community Manager

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Yea, that's kinda what I was thinking as a workaround if I couldn't change the color, having to make a 2nd bulb, make on clear and one yellow, and toggle them on and off.  Thanks!

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