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Bring back Screen cast

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Bring back Screen cast

I was trying to post a problem in MFG site and uploaded my own video - screencast was so much easier

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Hi @SuncoastTechnicalCollege 

I too liked Screencast.  A few folks have started to use ScreenPal or CloudApp.

Slack, Zoom and Camtsia are other options for capturing videos


Does anyone else have an screen recording program that you use?



Dan Banach
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I use OBS screencast to make my own videos at home.  I post on Youtube and have made quick lessons

What I really liked about Screencast was the ability 
1) record with no camera.   I can do it thru microsoft teams but I hate teams as far as a school installed software

2) review student projects as one on one video - just send them the link - vs storing a video in One drive and send a link to that. 
3) post in forum what my problem was. (I think that was the original intent of Screencast) 

CNC Machinist Education Network

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