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Animatronic Joint Problem

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Animatronic Joint Problem


I'm having quite a hard time adding a joint that would allow the servo's horn to rotate and push the rod to close the eyelids.


Does anyone know what I am missing?

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in reply to: sacbe.aguilar

Hi @sacbe.aguilar 

Thanks for posting your question. A couple ideas.

  1. Have you tried using Joint Limits? Joint Limits  prevent a joints from moving beyond its expected range. Link to article that explains Joint limits.
  2. If you have multiple joints whose movement are dependent on each other, i.e. gears, you can use a Motion Link. Here is a link to a tutorial that covers Joint Limits and Motion Link.

Do other have suggestions?

Let us know if this helps.


Dan Banach
Sr. Technical Manager & Community Manager

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in reply to: dan.banach

Hey @dan.banach 


Thanks so much for the links. They definitely helped my process. I changed the revolute joint that moved the eyebrow to a ball joint. I have to work on the limits and motion links. For now, I can finally move on with this project.

Thanks again 🙂

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