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adaptive cleaning and contour

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adaptive cleaning and contour

Hello all. I am new in Fusion 360 and I need your help. I am doing a small part and I was following some instructions from web but I came to a problem. I was using the 2D adaptive cleaning and after that I was continuing with right click on "2D adaptive" in tree  - create derived operation - 2D milling - 2D contour - ok. 

But After simulation there are still some surfaces which should be not there. Pease see picture blue and purple color. What I am doing wrong?


Thank you very much for your answers and help. 🙂


2022-02-11 22_48_41-.png


2022-02-11 22_39_20-.png

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in reply to: dusan.olejnik

Hi Dusan,

Welcome to our forum. When creating / editing the toolpaths, under the Passes tab you can set the "Stock to Leave" option, seer the following image on the left. The image on the right shows what the colors represent when running a simulation. Here is a link to a article that explains the toolpath colors.


Let us know if this is what you were looking for.


Dan Banach
Sr. Technical Manager & Community Manager

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I like also using comparison colors more than operation in the simulation for better recognition of what is cut to model or not  and also what tool shank hit as well 

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in reply to: dusan.olejnik

Dan is right regarding the simulation. You roughed and left stock to leave on the walls and floor. Your 2D contour only finished the wall and the floor right at the toolpath that finished the wall. 

You need to add roughing passes. You will find this on the passes tab. I add more than I need and then also include the stock area so the extra passes get trimmed out. You will find the stock contour area in the geometry tab. 


This video may help



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