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504 Gateway Timeout

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504 Gateway Timeout

We are consistently getting "504 Gateway Timeout" (or never loading white pages) from our students when trying to access the online version of Fusion 360 for Chromebook.   We have tried on the school network as well from educators home networks and same issues occur.


We can't use the product at all at this time because only about 12 out of my 33 students can actually load the software.  This problem has existed for 3 weeks now.  The last url attempted by the browser is http://fusion.online.autodesk.com


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Please try clearing the cache and updating the video drivers. Here are links for how to clear the cache and update drivers .

  1. Ensure you're running the latest version of Chrome
  2. Clear the cache on a Chromebook 
  3. Update graphics and system drivers on a Chromebook
  4. Run Fusion 360
    1. Start your Chrome browser
    2. Create a new Incognito window
    3. Go to https://fusion.online.autodesk.com and log in with your education account.

Also ask you IT Admin to check the following.

  1. Which URLs/Protocols need to be allowed for Autodesk Identity Manager
  2. Ports and Domains required by Fusion 360
  3. Configuring anti-virus software for use with Fusion 360


To help determine the cause of the issue, could attach a HAR file from a browser that is experiencing the 504 error.

Here's how to extract the HAR file in Chrome:
  1. Right-click in the browser window or tab and select Inspect.


  2. Click the Network tab in the panel that appears.


  3. Click the download button. ("Export HAR" appears when you hold the pointer over it).
  4. Save the file.
  5. Attach the HAR file file to your reply. If you can't attach the file, please send a link to the HAR file.



Dan Banach
Sr. Technical Manager & Community Manager

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