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Unable to dimension a non-linear section

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Unable to dimension a non-linear section

I'm modeling a 3-slit collet. The document is here, and the drawing is here. My problem is, the dimension tool wouldn't snap to many parts of the section view. E.g. here are dimensions I'm unable to add, shown in red:



Is this a limitation, a bug, or am I missing something?

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Hello Sergey,

Thanks for posting your question to the forum. Can you tell us what product you are using? That way we can help get you pointed in the right direction for help. This is the A360 forum and we do not create files, but view and collaborate with them.

Let us know and we can help get you pointed at the right team.
Bud Schroeder
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Hi Bud,


I see, so I used the wrong forum. My question was about Fusion 360 functionality.


It wasn't clear for me what A360 was. I thought that maybe Fusion was renamed this way. So I was wrong, sorry for bothering you. I'll submit my question to the correct forum now.

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Hi Surgey,

Thanks for the update and you are no bother at all. Also I can move this to the Fusion forum for you, that way the Fusion team will see your question and be able to jump in and help you out.

A360 and Fusion are integrated, to work together, You can use A360 to collaborate with your designs, share them with others, get feedback on your designs as you work on your projects.

Thanks again for posting your question and I'll move your question to the Fusion forums for you. Hope this helps and have a great day.
Bud Schroeder
AutoCAD Customer Council Beta Programs
Autodesk Inc.

Autodesk Beta Programs!

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in reply to: drillster

Hi drillster,

Thank you for attaching your files.  I could reproduce the problem and it looks like a limitation/bug, not something you're doing wrong.  I tried with both the single dimension tool and the individual dimension tools (on the toolbar dropdown) and something with the section view is preventing acquisition of the points/arc to place the dimensions.  I could place the radius on the bottom (not top as shown in your image), but the extension arc is incorrect.


The dimensions did work to a regular projected view (radial dim has to be placed to the hidden line arc which I know is not standard/desireable) and to a straight vertical section (using the radial dim tool from toolbar), but not as shown in your image with that section line.  I'll log a bug in the system for this, and sorry for any frustration/inconvenience this is causing.




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in reply to: cmiller66

Hi Chris,


Thank you for your explanation. From my side I can add that if I create a regular straight section of the same collet I can add these dimensions just fine, exactly as I want them. Here's another test drawing. I hope this'll help you fix it.

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