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Simulate weights on rotating object

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Simulate weights on rotating object



I have designed a piece that attaches to the gears of a bike wheel using the little holes and zip ties (it's pretty secured in real life). On top there is a 500g object attached and at the bottom a 450g one. I want to simulate the impact of the weights on each side while my CAD object rotates (gravity applies) and with the round part fixed. For the simulation, I created a material using PLA properties but not sure how to model the infill density.


Any help would be appreciated.




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Anything that is 3D printed cannot be analyzed with FEM.
FEM requires homogeneous material.

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Ignoring that the 3D printing is heterogeneous. How would I go about simulating the weights during rotating on a ABS plastic object?
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Depending on what simulation you might be using, can you set up a force down to simulate the weights? This may

work or you could try literally adding objects with a lead or steel material type of the weight you need to the model

you are testing. If the simulation recognises gravity then modeled weights should work in place of the actual weights

in reality.





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I don't think that your problem statement has been properly addressed here.

I think what you really need is Dynamic Simulation but without the file(s) it is hard to determine.

Can you File>Export your *.f3d file to your local drive and then Attach it here to a Reply?



@leonor_dias_20 wrote:

while my CAD object rotates (gravity applies) ...

I did not see the previous responses address this portion of your problem description in any way.

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Thank you for your reply- I have attached the file. Any help is appreciated!

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@leonor_dias_20 wrote:

(it's pretty secured in real life).


This is going to take several steps to solve.

First I have a few questions:


1. You state that it is pretty secure in real life.  How do you know that?  I assume you have already printed and tested this statement.  Therefore you should have a photo of your test prototype.  Can you Attach image here?


2. Are you a student (the reason I ask is that you will need access to Autodesk Inventor Professional > Dynamic Simulation which is free to students.


3. Are you willing to start over from scratch with step-by-step instructions?

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Hi @TheCADWhisperer , thanks for you reply. 

1. The wheel to which the 3D piece was attached has been used multiple times over different terrains and the piece is not moving. For the simulation we want to assumed it is fixed anyway. Unfortunately I don't have a photo as I left the prototype in the lab.

2. I have the student version of Fusion yes.

3.  Yes I am willing to start over the simulation. 


Thank you in advance

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@leonor_dias_20 wrote:

Unfortunately I don't have a photo as I left the prototype in the lab.


Can you get a photo?

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Hello @TheCADWhisperer , here is a photo showing the 3D printed piece being used (attached to the gears of a wheel using zip ties). It has a battery (560g) on one side and two solenoids on the other (440g total). The components are attached with 7kg velcro. Don't mind the box and the electronic wires as we are neglecting them for this simulation.

Hope this helps visualisation. Thank you for your patience. 

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