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Moving features in timeline from main component to timeline in subcomponent?

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Moving features in timeline from main component to timeline in subcomponent?

I want to to move features from my main component timeline into a sub component timeline.

Or just, that it is linked and shows up in the sub component timeline for a better overview and easier changes.

Is this somehow possible or is there a workaround to realize it?


If this problem is already solved in another thread, please put the link in the comments.

Thank you in advance!


Best Greetings Noah

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For Components all originating in the same design document- not shared Components Linked from another design - there is only one Timeline.    Regardless of Component source, only one Timeline per document.   You can demonstrate this by Copying a Component that references Features/elements elsewhere in the design, and pasting into a new design- the new design's Timeline will contain warnings.   The colour of Timeline Features illustrate the relationship to the Browser contents.    The most we can do with managing the appearance of Features in the Timeline is dragging Features to new locations- with compelling consequences - or collapsing sections into Groups.    There are several Idea Station posts related to tagging/flagging Timeline Features.

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You may want to share your particular case in form of a screencast and also maybe share your model, so we can use that as an example to explain things.


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You really should make sure that the Component you want to work on is the one you Activate prior to doing the work.


Try this: Roll back your timeline to right after the Feature you want to move. Delete it. Activate the CORRECT Component. Now recreate the Feature. And finally, roll the timeline back to the end. If any other Features were dependent on that one, they will get yellow warnings, and you will need to edit each one of them so that they get their references back.



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in reply to: chrisplyler

That is a kludge. If you can move a sketch from one component to another, you should be able to move features based on that sketch (extrusions, etc) from one component to another as well. Being forced to delete a feature, recreate it under the new component, and then redo everything dependent on that feature is totally ridiculous.

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in reply to: jonwienke


Yes, I won't argue that the ability to drag-n-drop Features would be great. Keep in mind that it COULD cause a lot of trouble if care and thoughtfulness wasn't used when doing so.


I humbly submit that if care and thoughtfulness was your strong point, you wouldn't have accidentally created Features in the wrong Component. Hey, I'm not trying to be condescending...I've made that same mistake plenty of times. All I'm saying is that HAVING the ability to move Features from one Component to another could have unintended consequences...and we are humans who make mistakes...and so it would be another potential mistake waiting to happen.



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It's not so much accidentally creating a feature in the wrong component, as wanting the ability to edit the design and reorganize features and components to accommodate the design change without having to delete and recreate them. The current limitation is plain stupid.

Also, if you erroneously move a feature from one component to another, you could move it back, or undo the move, if you didn't like the result.

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I know. One should change things one can change, one should accept things one can't change.


But, Fusion 360 is a tool. A tool somebody sane (hopefully and very likely) is in charge of to decide which features to implement and which features to leave out.


Moving construction steps from the (top) component to a give other component can't break future things, as long all the steps in the timeline are created in one component and include every construction step till the end of the timeline.


As long Autodesk has not F..ed up the Fusion 360 software architecture completely, I can't see a technical reason to implement this. It's just a replay of all the steps with on an other component. The only challenge I can see now, one will need to do some projections on every sketch. Finding the sources of the projections might be challenging, but for sure not impossible. It's just replay the steps on a different starting point.


Especially considering Fusion 360 once had a collaboration feature similar to multi user source code version management. This I can imagine is a nest of poisonous snakes and scorpions.


I am currently writing this after I found this post for the second times in this week being in exactly above described situation (construction till late into the night, better morning).


It's really frustrating to realise: it's nerly finished! Hey, let's start again!

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Curious if in 2023 anything has changed?


I would love to be able to model things without committing to timeline organization initially, and then be able to organize timeline events in sub-components afterward.

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