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Future of Fusion 360 on macOS

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Future of Fusion 360 on macOS

I assume because of lower market share Alias decided to discontinue Alias Automotive for macOS after macOS High Sierra with all future version moving to Metal and Apple announcing openGL being dead.


I have my issues with the openGL move but I also understand it since openGL is not with it is own flaw.


However my main curiosity is the future of Fusion for macOS?


Any insight?

Claas Kuhnen

Faculty Industrial Design – Wayne State Universit

Chair Interior Design – Wayne State University

Owner studioKuhnen – product : interface : design

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in reply to: cekuhnen

Yes, that would very much interest me as well !


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in reply to: cekuhnen

I second

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in reply to: Anonymous

And I Third!

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in reply to: cekuhnen

Me too! 

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in reply to: cekuhnen

@brianrepp I hate to pull you into this one, but some clear and concise and honest feedback is really needed.




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in reply to: TrippyLighting

Hey guys - sorry I missed this thread.  Short answer is that there's no plans to discontinue support of Mac.  It's a big portion of our install base and still strategically important for us (e.g. we're still actively developing on Mac for things such as generative).  Of course, as the platforms continue to evolve, Web tech develops, etc. things could change over time, but no plans to change course now.

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in reply to: brianrepp

Thanks for mentioning the installed base! I'm glad to hear the Mac version is popular. That's really encouraging. Fusion 360 works beautifully even on my little Mac Mini (as does my SpaceMouse, and they work great together).


Whoever's managing Mac compatibility is doing a superb job. You'd never know it was a cross-platform product without investigating that. Of course I have a vested interest in keeping Fusion 360 on the Mac, but I also think it would be a shame to see the engineering effort behind the Mac version go to waste. "Don't throw out your crown jewels" seems like a pretty good rule of thumb, and Mac compatibility is just one thing (of many) that Fusion 360 has really nailed.

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