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Fusion 360 Education License | F1 Car Wind Tunnel Simulation

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Fusion 360 Education License | F1 Car Wind Tunnel Simulation



My team is working on an F1 in Schools car, and we need to analyze our Fusion 360 model in CFD. The simulation workspace in Fusion 360 doesn't seem to have a wind tunnel testing-like study (I could be mistaken about this –– if there is a study/simulation type within Fusion 360 to do wind tunnel testing [fluid volume], please do tell me! There seem to be no tutorials about this online). Previous versions/non-education license versions had an option under Simulation to export to CFD 2019, where they could make changes to the model and run a fluid volume simulation on it. We are unable to do this with the Education license; there is no CFD 2019 button. 


It would really help if someone could show us how to simulate a wind tunnel within Fusion 360's simulation workspace, i.e., what study type to use, what to change and how to run the simulation.


Additionally, if there was any other extension we could install and use to simulate, we would love to try that too.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,


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Hi @nuhamanal ,


For my understanding Fusion 360 does not have the functionality to do fluid simulation. The export-to-CFD 2019 function you described is probably just an extension to automate the model-transfer process. The fluid simulation is done in CFD 2019.


If you have CFD 2019 on your computer, you can just export the model from Fusion 360 and import it to CFD 2019 manually to do your simulation.

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