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WriteUI script failing on RtP ...fc00dd

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WriteUI script failing on RtP ...fc00dd

Whether it's the script that is installed by default in the add-ins section, or the script published online (both look identical), the WriteUI script is failing for me. I get the following message:


I did a little debugging (since no file is written, I did some copy-paste from the internal report variable) and I see a few curious things:

1) The exception is an index-out-of-bounds while the code is examining the FusionSolidEnvironment workspace

2) The panels in FusionSolidEnvironment are listed twice

3) The 17 workspaces following FusionSolidEnvironment  are never reached due to the exception

This is all for the webdeploy/production/9eb6e3e95b2f4cf7bb2f804604f4040b86fc00dd release.


Maybe a bug? Else what am I doing wrong?

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Hi @william-c-anderson .


I may have misunderstood because I don't understand.


Yesterday, Fusion360 was updated twice.
I have repeatedly seen that the correct code does not work properly without restarting Fusion360 after the update.


Is the situation the same after rebooting?

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As you suggested, @kandennti , I applied the universal software fix (reboot, then restart), but the same error still occurs.


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Thanks again, @kandennti-san, your code fix is correct. Now if ADSK can roll the fix into the distribution and the on-line code example.

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