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Why you should register to attend Forge DevCon at AU Las Vegas, November 13-14

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Why you should register to attend Forge DevCon at AU Las Vegas, November 13-14

newsletter_MFG_image1_no_gradient_290x190.jpgThere’s still time to register for Forge DevCon (November 13-14) at Autodesk University Las Vegas. Be among the first to use the next generation of Autodesk cloud services. Get hands-on with the tools that will help you to create new service offerings, solutions, and integrations for a cloud-connected product-development ecosystem.


Forge is Autodesk’s “brand” for a set of web services that delivers you easy access and use of design and engineering data free from being dependent on having heavy desktop software in hand.  It’s about web services that allow you to easily extract data created with a variety of Autodesk’s and Autodesk’s competitors’ tools – Inventor, Fusion 360, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Creo, NX and many more.


Whether you’re a desktop programmer, a web programmer, or a business owner; with 50+ classes, there is plenty for you, including:


  • Fusion 360 API
  • The Model Derivative API and Forge Viewer that allow you to view 2D and 3D designs – and their associated data – in a web or mobile application.
  • The Data Management API (and new WebHooks API) allow you to seamlessly integrate Autodesk SaaS applications, such as Fusion 360 Team, into your workflows.
  • The Design Automation API allows you to process DWGs – and soon Inventor and Revit files – in the cloud.
  • Information on Autodesk’s strategy for Forge, including the new App Framework and High Frequency Data Model that will power the next generation of Autodesk applications.
  • The new Forge AR/VR Toolkit, making it easy to bring design data into virtual and augmented reality experiences.


And, of course, if you come to AU too, then there is a plethora of other classes on (non-Forge) APIs and products.

Visit the conference website for more information on Forge DevCon. Check out this blog post for more reasons to attend and information to convinced your boss. Check out this blog post for your pass options.



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