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When will you be able to provide a full stack API both 2D and 3D?

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When will you be able to provide a full stack API both 2D and 3D?


I have already asked this question on a reply, but I didn't get a reply.

Therefore again...


I have now ideas for at least 2 new plugins which require a 2D drawing API.

Isn't it time now to release a full featured API in order for the community to be able to thrive and Fusion functionality to grow?



I’ve discovered missing features in the Fusion 360 program that I would like to make new plugins for.


So when will you be able to provide the 2D API for developers?


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Hi @johan.svensson6BXFK .


I do not know the answer to this question.

However, I have used TextCommands from the API in the past to draw simple circles and lines in drawings.
I have also confirmed that the lines are saved in the document.


There is a command in TextCommands that executes an AutoCAD command.(I have no experience with AutoCAD.)

FusionDoc.ExecuteAcadCommand                     - Execute AutoCAD Command 


  • Autodesk deprecates the use of TextCommands.
  • As for TextCommands, you will have to do a lot of experimenting on your own, as no one knows the answer.
  • The list of commands linked above is an older version. We recommend that you get the most up-to-date list.
    For more information on how to obtain and use the list of commands, please see the link .
  • If you find out something, it would be very helpful if you could leave a note on the forum, so that others can benefit from the information.


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Thanks, I will look into it and see if this could be away forward.
But what I would really like to see is the full map, because this could really help a most innovative community and fast forward the third party development of new and possibly great features that is missing.


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