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When will we see more CAM support in the API?

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When will we see more CAM support in the API?

I realized the API would be a way to accomplish something I've been looking at, but I found the model seems to be lacking representation of CAM aspects. I read a post last night from 2016 that said CAM support in the API was coming in three phases, but I don't see any evidence that phases 2 and 3 have happened (and of course, I can't find that post now).


One thing I'd like to see is the tool library exposed to the Python API. 

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I was also hoping to solve some of my many annoyances with Fusion  by accessing the CAM APIs but in the current state they are useless. The 2020 roadmap update blog post unfortunately has no reference to APIs at all, in any areas, so I'm afraid we won't see anything anytime soon.

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