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Way to output geometric data

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Way to output geometric data

I'm working on an arduino project with a mechanism that which requires me to do some complex 3-dimensional geometry. Specifically, I need to find the angle of an output based on the angle of an input. However, this math is 3 dimensional and is not something I can do easily. I was hoping that Fusion would be able to help me out. I assembled the mechanism in Fusion and can see how it moves. Is there a tool I can use to generate a spreadsheet of the input to output values that I am interested in? That way I could make an array in my code and not have to do the complex calculation myself.



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Hi @cregers .


I don't have a concrete idea of what I'm talking about, so this may be a misunderstanding of the answer.


The Fusion360 API has Vector3D and Matrix3D objects implemented, which are very useful for various operations. 


Also, @prainsberry  has a great add-in on Github called "Sheeter" (which I have never used). (I've never used it.) 

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