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Walk the Path object to get points coordinates.

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Walk the Path object to get points coordinates.

I'm willing to create JSON or like file which contains a list of points coordinates generated based on selected path from sketch. I would like to input points distance for script to print coordinates values for each equidistant point on path. Practically I want to create a path for WS2811 LED strip within Fusion modelling/sketch UI and then just print out some application specific mapping file (JSON list) made by script.

The best way I could come up with is to create dummy LED component, patternize it and iterate all components with specific name (e.g. "led_dummy") to print its coordinates (is 'originConstructionPoint' sufficient for my needs?). Though it seems to be not a straight-forward approach


What is the approach I should use? Can I use 'pathPattern' feature somehow to achieve my goal?


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I happened to find another post with similar problem. It totally suffice my needs.

I can easily manage getting points along selected path directly. The answer for 'points along curve' is provided here:

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