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Visual Studio Code Settings and Other Libraries

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Visual Studio Code Settings and Other Libraries

Last week, Fusion 360 refused to load the Visual Studio Code IDE, VSC, to edit or debug my scripts. It was not until after trying the latest Python Extension that things worked. I was also under the impression that the new version 3.8.3 of the Interpreter worked as well because I set the interpreter to a named environment using Extension 2020.8.109390 with interpreter version 3.8.3. It appeared to me later that, despite my settings, it was version 3.7.6 that was used to interpret my script. It presently works reliably with the new Python extension.

I tried using VSC with other Python libraries such as numpy, sympy and matplotlib. Funny things began to happen. I discovered that no matter how I edited the settings file with .vscode extension in the relevant script directory, these were ignored and Fusion 360 substituted its own settings. The editing allowed in the Preferences setting of Fusion 360 API appear minimal.

Can I conclude that we not only need to use VSC for Fusion 360 API coding, we must also find other IDEs to use for other Python libraries beyond the basic? I used PyCharm on my other codes and had none of the problems I had with VSC. VSC maintains the settings used in previous Fusion 360 debug sessions and I found it difficult to get a clean version that I could use for other purposes. I would rather do all my Python work in a single IDE. Is there a simple way to do this? Please note that VSC ignores my environment settings even with named settings, it continues to use the 3.7.6 interpreter when I asked it to use 3.8.3 for scripts that do not involve Fusion 360 API. 


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