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Utilizing native command definitions

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Utilizing native command definitions

Hi all,


I have some questions regarding the usage of native command definitions with API.


1. I wish to 'feed' inputs to native command definitions with API to reduce manual operations. Take the 'Interference' command as an example, I want to select all bodies and accept the default solution in ALL cases. Therefore, I would like to automate this process by feeding the input (All bodies, then click 'Compute') to the 'Interference' command using API.

From what I have learnt from the documentation, limited command definitions support API inputs in the form of 'Custom Name Values'. However, this information is very limited and I wish to obtain more guide on this.   


2. Regarding the native command definitions, is there any possibility that users will be able to customize them to better suit our use? As an example, I wish to customize the 'Fluid volume' command to try to cap the openings automatically or inform users the location of openings. 


All discussions will be appreciated!

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in reply to: j.han97

Hi @j.han97 .


I may be mistaken.


I am using CATIA V5 in my business.
It is pointless to write about other CAD features, but there is a feature called "PowerCopy".


It allows you to model a portion of the model with history in the GUI, and then easily reuse it to create a similar shape.
I interpret this as the ability to combine multiple native commands to create your own commands in the GUI.


This feature is very useful, as it eliminates the need to take the time to create scripts/add-ins.


It's a pity that this is something that you have to actually use and experience to understand how useful it is.


Here is one example of using PowerCopy, you can find many more by searching YouTube. 

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in reply to: kandennti

Hi kandennti,


Thank you for your reply! I can imagine the usefulness of the PowerCopy function from the video you linked. However, I prefer Fusion 360 for now and I am looking for ways to fully utilize it (including its API) to fully automate the workflow.

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