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Using Dropdowns in a Plugin

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Using Dropdowns in a Plugin



I am working on a plugin that involves creating a dropdown menu with a list of file names. The main objective is to enable users to select an item from the dropdown and then proceed by clicking the "Ok" button, just like a ui.selectEntity box.

While exploring the available documentation, I have come across several dropdown examples. However, it appears that each of them necessitates an event handler to facilitate the plugin's response when a specific item from the list is chosen. I am hoping to find a simpler way of implementing this.

I would appreciate any guidance or assistance you can provide to implement this functionality.


Thanks in advance!

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Only one command execute handler is defined to handle the OK action of a command, and you will have access to all command inputs defined on it.

Optionally you have other events to be fired w

hile dealing with the command inputs inside the command, like: input changed, validate input, mouse click, and other.

The arguments passed to every handler give access to the current status of the command.


I'd recommend reading this article:



Jorge Jaramillo


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