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using command inputs

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using command inputs

I want  to script in fusion 360 in such a manner that the user selects a beam type from a drop down menu and then the beam sketch is made in fusion according to specifications and measurements given before. Please guide me as to how to make that command input that is. presented when the script is run.  I am only starting out with fusion and python so it is a bit confusing for me. 

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Start with the example that has all the UI elements in it.


Then make a dialogue box ("panel") that has what you need (the drop-down, etc)


Include something like a select input, so the user can click on where they want the beam (hint: if it's a line, that also tells you how long)


Finally, when they click OK, it will run your command, so to grab the data they selected, and run your code for the dropdown they picked.

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