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UserInterface.selectEntity - what are the possible options?

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UserInterface.selectEntity - what are the possible options?

UserInterface.selectEntity says that the filter parameter is "A string defining the types of entities valid for selection. This uses the same strings that the SelectionCommandInput uses. You can combine multiple types by using a comma delimiter. For example, the string "PlanarFaces,ConstructionPlanes" will allow the selection of either a planar face or a construction plane."


But I don't see anything under SelectionCommandInput that talks about the possible values.


(A comma-separated string seems like a strange choice of type for this parameter, too.)

James Moore
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I am sorry to hear you run into the trouble. It was known issue(missing help for selection filters) and we plan to do improvement in future releases.


I would post those selection strings here so that you can work it around right away. We are thinking the best way how to define selection filters and make them be easy to use.







Marshal Tu
Fusion 360 Developer
Autodesk, Inc.

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But note that you should not really copy these string literals into your code.  They are defined as string constants on the SelectionCommandInput class.  For example SelectionCommandInput.PlanarFaces and SelectionCommandInput.ConstructionPlanes.  It would be preferrable to use these constants.  This should help prevent any typos in the strings (a typo in the constant name would either be highlighted as undefined by the code editor or present a better runtime error, where a typo in a string would only cause a runtime error as an invalid argument), and code editors should give you some intellisense help as well.



Kris Kaplan

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