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User Parameter Question

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User Parameter Question

Can components have their own 'User Parameters' ?

I built a small assembly to test a script and noticed that the User Parameters were just in the assembly.

The individual components were all listed under the Model Parameters.

Brad Bylls
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User parameters exist at the Design level and are shared across all the components of the design.

Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert
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in reply to: brad.bylls

Hi Brad,


You can set and retrieve arbitrary things by storing/finding them as attributes of whatever parent they make sense for (including a Component)


If you're writing an add-in, you can also add things to the right-click menu - such as a custom handler* that checks the thing-you-right-clicked on to see if it has custom attributes, then allowing the user to see/add/edit them if it does.


* I'm considering writing a general-purpose open-source github-based add-in that lets us easily add little handy features like these (others might be a "center line" like we have a "center rectangle" sketch command, an "export to CSV" for when people right-click on things that makes sense for (splines), easy CSV importing of stuff, and 101 other odds and ends that are "easy to do, except for the unsustainable overhead of putting them easily into a production-quality add-in...").  If you're interested in writing that bit, let me know and I'll spin up the framework (8 months of my work) so you can spend the 10 mins needed to make right-click attribute handling work.

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