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Use device movement input other than mouse

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Use device movement input other than mouse

I am currently attempting to make an add-in that allows me to use a joystick as a DIY SpaceMouse. I've figured out how to change camera orbit using the camera.eye.transformBy(), and now all I need is to figure out how to actually get input from a device other than a mouse and keyboard, in this case a joystick. Could someone point me in the right direction?


I know there's plenty of open-source "spacemice" out there, but every single one I have found just pretends to be a normal mouse, utilizing emulated mouse movement, middle click, and shift. After making one of them, I discovered just how finnicky that method is as you can't really use your actual mouse while using the "joystick". I want to do it "right", and separate the joystick from the normal mouse movement. In the end my goal is to have a solid project that I can open-source for people who don't want to buy a closed-source device and instead make their own.

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