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Unwanted InputChangedEventArgs filter?

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Unwanted InputChangedEventArgs filter?

As I type in the number "100" into a control I get three notifies with the InputChangedEventArgs event. For the "1" I might generate a dozen error messages as various algorithm constraints are violated. For "10" a dozen different messages.  Upon the "100" all is fine and the messages are blank.  


To re-draw the messages control (a TextBoxCommandInput) I introduced a custom event thread as you are not supposed to modify controls inside a call to notify. This thread switch and the churn of the messages actually slows down the user's typing.


Can I detect if a user is actually finished typing? Say a "focus lost" event? This is how Windows and Mac and Linux does it. 


I have similar issues with the "validate" and even more unwanted events (can scrolling make the data invalid?) and perhaps there are solutions for both.


I might have to abandon validate entirely and just add a "Validate" button. I am trying to follow the rules though.




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