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Unlink sheeter

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Unlink sheeter

I have created a cap screw file with a link to a sheeter spread sheet.

This lets me create any imperial size cap screw with a sub-body that has clearance and tap drill sizes.

The sub-body is used to subtract from the components the clearance holes, counterbore and tap drill hole for that size screw.

Can I unlink the spreadsheet once I have the screw that I need so I can create another screw of a different size without it affecting the first screw that I made.

Sheeter works great, but when I create the new screw and sync to the spreadsheet, the first screw changes also.


Brad Bylls
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Very interesting - can you share an example?  I'd like to check out this behaviour just for interest, and might be able to find you an answer while I do!

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I used it to create a screw in an assembly.
But when I did another screw of a different size, the first screw changed
to the new size.
Brad Bylls

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