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UnitsManager get units

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UnitsManager get units

Hello Fusion 360 coders, I am working in python and have read up on unitsManager but not positive it is the right solution.  I need to query Fusion for the units it has currently.  Meaning, in our API we have a design of a model being shown, and just like one would go to the interface and click on the system units to see if its in MM or inches, I need to ask Fusion if the model being shown is in MM or inches.  This would be a type of 'get' from Fusion if available.  (I'd rather not  ask the operator for a value as a few samples working with unitsManager shows.)  Currently I am reading parameters to determine if the model is in MM or inches,  but am thinking there might be a way to ask just like 'Units' field shows on the interface.....thank you in advance for any help or hints you can offer!  

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The following code will do what you want. A FusionUnitsManager object derives from UnitsManager and can be obtained using the fusionUnitsManager property of the Design object. (The unitsManager property on the Design object is typed to return a UnitsManager object but will also return a FusionUnitsManager object.) The FusionUnitsManager object supports the distanceDisplayUnits property that you can use to get or set what the units are for the design.


um = des.fusionUnitsManager
if um.distanceDisplayUnits == adsk.fusion.DistanceUnits.MillimeterDistanceUnits:
    ui.messageBox('Millimeter Units')
elif um.distanceDisplayUnits == adsk.fusion.DistanceUnits.CentimeterDistanceUnits:
    ui.messageBox('Centimeter Units')
elif um.distanceDisplayUnits == adsk.fusion.DistanceUnits.MeterDistanceUnits:
    ui.messageBox('Meter Units')
elif um.distanceDisplayUnits == adsk.fusion.DistanceUnits.FootDistanceUnits:
    ui.messageBox('Foot Units')
elif um.distanceDisplayUnits == adsk.fusion.DistanceUnits.InchDistanceUnits:
    ui.messageBox('Inch Units')


Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert
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in reply to: marylou.forsyth

Hi @marylou.forsyth .


I think what you are looking for can be obtained with the FusionUnitsManager.defaultLengthUnits property. 


This is for the Product object you got (Design,FlatPatternProduct,CAM,Drawing).

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