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Translation status complete but file not viewable

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Translation status complete but file not viewable



I'm using the LMV Quick Start guide ( to translate assemblies. I'm having trouble registering files with dependencies. I am using the autodesk demo scissors files.


This is the translation status result: As you can see it cannot find the dependencies for the scissor assembly. I first tried translating the scissor iam file, but it failed due to missing dependencies. I then uploaded the dependencies, set the references, and tried translating again, but still get the same error.


I have proved this model will translate by first uploading the assembly, then the parts, then setting the references to the parts before initiating translation. In this case translation worked.


Two questions: 


1. Can I not re-translate a file after the first translation failed? That is, upload an assembly, translate, fail. Upload dependencies, set references, then re-translate successfully?

2. Is there a programmatic way to get the dependencies of an assembly? I'm currently translating an assembly and having it fail so the error message will show what files it depends on. Then I can locate those files and upload them. This method however depends on the answer to question 1 and the ability to re-translate successfully.

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This forum is exclusively for Fusion 360 API questions and no one here is likely going to be able to help with any Forge specific questions.  Forge support is being handled through, so you'll have better luck if you post your question there.


Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert
Mod the Machine blog

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