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Tool Orientation Add-in & Wrap Tool Path Add-in for Fusion Standard Package?

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Tool Orientation Add-in & Wrap Tool Path Add-in for Fusion Standard Package?

Hello all, 


I'm sorry guys, but this is a long one. 


So to summarize: 


1. Is it feasible to write Addins to stand in for the missing "Tool Orientation"  and "Wrapped tool Path" features?

2. Is this allowed? Does it violate the Terms of Use Agreement for the Software?

3. Why does Autodesk not already sell these features additionally on top of the Standard package at additional cost instead of forcing customers to either buy a full ultimate version or move to a Hobbyist version?  


The full story:


I started using Fusion 360 a couple of years ago due to its extreme practicality because I am a Student and it's free to download, runs on Mac... etc ... etc...


I work over the summer and part time for a small violin making business. They make everything by hand except for a few off the shelf parts that they are forced to buy as it would be highly uneconomical to make these by hand: Pegs, Tailpieces, Fingerboards, and Chin Rests. Because of the lack in variability and quality of the pieces on the market, they were interested in milling/turning these themselves even though they had absolutely no experience in CAD or CAM or CNC.


I highly recommended Fusion 360 to them because of my considerable previous experience with it, because of the Cloud, the Community, and because it supported CAD and CAM in one package. 


So they got the Standard Package. Then I got to work making all the Parametric Models that they needed, as well as writing a couple of Post Processors for our custom built routers, and a few Addins and Scripts using the API. I did the CAM in my account, and of course had everything shared with them. However, when they made a change in the parameters and tried to regenerate the CAM, they were unable to do so. 


That is when we found out that the standard package does not allow for any 3+1 CAM at all. It does not even allow regeneration of a path created from another account. When I recommended Fusion 360 to them, it had not even crossed my mind that a paying customer would have less features than the free Student/Hobbyist version.


They cannot afford to get the Ultimate Version. Because of the extremely low volume of parts that they make, they would never be able to cover the cost of the Ultimate Package. They wouldn't even be able to break even! 


What they need is the Tool Orientation feature and Wrapped Tool Path feature in the CAM workspace. Is it possible and permitted for me to recreate these features by writing these as Add-ins? Does this somehow violate the Terms of Use Agreement?


Why does Autodesk not sell these Add-in Features themselves? I'm sure that there are many small businesses out there that would never have any need to use the whole Fusion Ultimate package, but might be interested in paying extra for 3 +1 machining with their standard package. Bigger companies and shops would still need simultaneous 5 axis milling and would have to buy the Ultimate package regardless.


I am struggling with the Ethics/Mentality here. They are happily paying customers, except that they need a couple more features that would require them to buy a package that they cannot afford. Because they use the software so little, they are probably even allowed to switch to a Hobbyist License, but then Autodesk would lose a paying customer. So why is Autodesk making the rules like this? 


Thank you in advance for any input!


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Hey Mike,


Many thanks for the thoughtful forum post and for an insight into the pains of having multiple toolsets available to users based off subscription type. Fortunately, I have some good news for you! Starting October 7th, we have collapsed the two tiers (Standard and Ultimate) into a single tier that will have access to all features within Fusion. 


You can read more about the Tier Consolidation here:

The pricing for all the tools will be $495 a year, but users who were already paying the $310 a year price for the Standard version will be grandfathered into their old price. Hopefully this will alleviate the problems you and the violin business were encountering. Let me know if you have any questions!

Lucas Prokopiak
Fusion 360 Product Manager (Sketch/Model)

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