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Thumbnail BOM App missing from menu

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Thumbnail BOM App missing from menu

I usually use the free Thumbnail BOM app to retrieve all the images of parts:


But I can't find the program in the menus. It's not in the CREATE or ASSEMBLE menus. I've tried reinstalling it, and restarting it in TOOLS->ADD-INS->Scripts and Add-Ins. Perhaps it's broken from a Fusion 360 update?

I've installed the CSV-BOM app and it's shown in the CREATE menu, but it doesn't generate thumbnail images.

OpenBom has thumbnail images but it's no longer free and a monthly subscription is needed.

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The add-in is written in C++ so we can't see the source code.


I think that the issue is related to the "new" UI of Fusion 360 because the last update is 11/21/2016


You have to contact the author by email.





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I've written an email to the author of the app but no reply. The app hasn't had any updates for quite a while, I suppose they've moved on and it's not being maintained.


For now I'm just using the File -> Capture Image and selecting 256x256 resolution to get the thumbnail images. It's OK for a small number of parts.

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I wrote a program called BOMETT (Bill of Materials, Excel Template,Thumbnail), which generates component thumbnails and adds them to the Excel file. The Excel file is generated based on a previously created template, which we can freely change and adapt to our needs.


Below is the link to the presentation


Downloadable program

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