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Thoughts about the configuration api and Improvement Requests

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Thoughts about the configuration api and Improvement Requests

I do not understand why something as simple as being able to change the value of a cell in the configuration table is not yet available. My main use case involves using a script to generate rows in the configuration table.

Please add the ability to create rows and change a cell expression ASAP, at least for the top table.


I did go ahead and use the API in a script just to try it out.


Accessing a row in the configuration table is easy using "configuration_table.rows.itemByName()".


However, the API for accessing cells is very awkward as it does not provide access by column name.

    1. There is no way to use the column title to access a cell.

    2. there is no way to use the column title to access the column ID

    3 terminology is not consistent - rows have names, but columns have titles.


That leads to a very awkward requirement to iterate through the columns and record titles and Ids to be able to use the column id for cell access.


id_map = {}    # map column names/titles to column IDs

for column in configuration.columns:
    id_map[column.title] =

cell = row.getCellByColumnId(id_map[column_name])    # now I can access the cell in a given row by name


Please add row.cellByName(column_name) ASAP.


BTW, I do understand why IDs are used in software instead of names internally, allowing references to be valid even when names change. I have been writing software for a long time using GUIDs as internal identifiers. However, a user trying to write a simple script should not have to use internal IDs to access information.


Another improvement to the Configuration Table would be to replace

returnValue = configurationTable_var.getCell(column, row)


returnValue = configurationTable_var.getCell(row_name, column_name)

I do not see a use case for access by row or column numbers. In contrast, quickly accessing a single cell knowing the row name and column name is highly likely.


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