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Strange symbol against my scripts

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Strange symbol against my scripts

Here is a picture of my addins - they having a revolving symbol next to each - should this be there?

They all appear to be running.  I cant seem to use them to run on any model, even if I stop them and run them.


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You can find them in your menus (sketch, create, etc.)


Oh, and you can hit the S key and start typing part of their name as well

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As @ross.korsky says you should be able to hit the S key and find them in your toolbox, though I think you have to attach them to a control to do so.

The control is the object that connects your command to a button which can be pressed to execute your command.

The handlers are only executed when one press that button and therefore not when one runs the Add-In. I just found, that using the method commandDefinition.execute() fires the CommandCreated Event Handler. But this makes it work like a script and I guess that is not what you want?

I suggest creating a control for your command to have it show up in some toolbar. If you have no images for your button Fusion uses a question mark instead. Below is an example of how to setup control for at button to make it show up in the Create panel in the toolbar. It is taken from the SpurGear AddIn.

Control for AddIn.PNG


I hope this helps.


- Erik


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That symbol indicates that the add-in is loaded and running.  If you click on one of the add-ins and then click the "Stop" button the symbol will go away.


Add-ins are typically loaded and run when Fusion 360 is started and then they continue to run in the background for the entire session.  When they're initially loaded, they add their buttons to the UI and you can use their functionality by clicking those buttons, which executes the custom commands added by the add-in.

Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert
Mod the Machine blog

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