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Strange body in certain model.

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Strange body in certain model.

Good day.

Please, help me with this issue.

In the model 'Parker_Lathrop' ( ) there is brepbody in UI:

Parker_Lathrop_-_Fusion_360_Modeling_Project.c136aa33-908d-40c5-85fb-a61cbafe169d20150417104736   ->   torpedo part v9  ->  turbine holder v5 (2)  ->  Bodies  ->  C-Pattern2 Group  ->  Body6  

This body is marked 'Show' in UI (isVisible in API) but is not visible for users in UI. And when I save this model in COLLADA (I select only bodies 'isVisible'), this body also is saved. So user didn't see this part of model in Fusion but see it when opens COLLADA.

Please, what is special with this body? How can I take away such bodies using API?


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Are you writing an exporter to the Collada format?  If so, I see a problem with the API design for the visibility of bodies that we need to correct soon.  Other objects in the API have the correct design but somehow BRepBody was not done correctly.  It should be that the isVisible property is a read-only property and indicates if the body is actually visible in the graphics window or not.  Then there should also be an isLightBulbOn property that toggles the state of the light bulb next to the Body node in the browser.  The problem is that the isVisible property is actually behaving like the isLightBulbOn.  It changing the light bulb setting to indicate if that body should be displayed, but if light bulbs in any of it's parent nodes in the browser are off, which is the case here, the body isn't actually displayed even if it's light bulb is on.


I don't see a very good workaround because there can be multiple levels of nodes of different types that can control whether that body is actually visible or not.  I'll push to get this fixed as soon as possible.

Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert
Mod the Machine blog
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in reply to: ekinsb

Thank you.

Due to your answer, it became clear to me.

This  body is not  visible in the graphics window because of the light bulb in one of it's parent nodes in the browser is off.

So I'll keep on the selection of bodies related to 'isVisible' property. I hope, when the the behavior of the property will change and it will indicate the actual visibility of the body, my code will work correct. 🙂

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